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Uploading artworks

How do I upload artworks?



For uploading your artworks, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1) Sign in to your ARTRIS account using your computer (desktop or laptop) - uploading functionality is not available on mobile devices (sorry)
2) Go to your member (avatar) menu at the top right corner
3) Click on Portfolio
4) Under the Artworks tab, click on the '+' button and you will land on a new page
5) Click on the '+' button at the centre of the rectangle on top left to upload your artwork image. Please note that your image should be: a) JPEG or JPG format, b) at least 2000 x 1000 pixels, c) less than 50 MB in size.
6) Fill in the textboxes for general information
7) Decide whether to allow other members to put your artwork in their exhibitions and check accordingly
8) Set your license fee in USD for each of the print sizes
9) Decide whether to sell the original artwork and check accordingly
10) Fill in the boxes for the original artwork
11) Once finished filling in all textboxes and checkboxes, click on the SUBMIT button and you are done!


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