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    My Contemporary Folk Painting

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    Traditional paintings present a subtle harmony of incongruities leading to a pleasant new world. In particular, Chaekgado – paintings of books, ceramics, stationery, incense burners, and bronzeware in bookshelves – infuses a sense of spatial aesthetics into the scholar's belongings. I ponder how to better convert modern surroundings into traditional depictions. Inspired by the morning sun, the evening moon, and the forested mountains, my journey of painting Chaekgado in harmony with nature is not yet finished.
    Curated by kyoungjachoi ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Pillow Talk

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    In the modern world where the gender boundary becomes increasingly insignificant, I would like to express the double faces and contradictions of human beings through women craving for love. These expressions imply new interpretations of such familiar feelings.
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