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    Relaxation: Man and Tree (休)

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    The Chinese character 休 (Heu) consists of two pictographic characters: 人(Yin), symbol of a person, and 木 (Mok), symbol of a tree. When combined, they form a graphic representation of a person leaning on a tree which means taking a break or rest. I’ve been painting ‘portraits’ of pine trees to capture their magnificent figures. During the course of painting pine trees, I’ve been rested and happy. It is a shame the Korean pine trees are gradually losing their habitat and could disappear in the next few decades because of the anthropogenic climate change.
    Curated by kimyoosik ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Seasons in Korea

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    Here presented are my watercolor paintings of Korean landscapes of four seasons. The spatial and temporal boundaries of natural objects and spaces are not clear and can be better represented by watercolors smearing through paper, which resembles the law of nature.
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