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    The motif of my work in this exhibition is companion animals like cats, dogs, and birds which we humans rely on emotionally. Most of my work express a sense of happiness in being with companion animals, and nudge that we can lead a blissful life even in a harsh modern society if being with family companion animals.
    Curated by jinsukheo ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Human and Nature

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    The fascination of pen drawing is that it can express pictorial impressions by using only thin lines. Numerous lines need to be accurately superimposed to express various contrast. As no mistakes are allowed, an absolute concentration is required on every single line to complete a work. It is a time consuming work, but a great satisfaction comes with completion.
    Curated by katrinaavotina ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Take It Easy

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    These are the hard and confusing times for everybody. Keep strong, be positive.
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    I enjoy bringing together my imagination and my love for design through photo artistry which consists of montage, collage and manipulation work in photoshop, using my own photography and photoshoots to create something magical and other worldly. In this collection I concentrated on character design and focusing on light and shadow to bring a fantastical element to the images. I hope you enjoy.
    Curated by youmee ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    You & Me

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    Light and shadow always co-exist in all objects and in harmony with each other. The actual shadow accordingly changes with light, but the shadow in my work reflects my feelings that vary with light and shadow. No matter what featured in my artworks (a beautiful space, a sad story, or a joyful time), I wish my watercolor brush strokes could convey the love message of light and shadow.
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