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    Moments in Life

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    To enjoy the scent of art is to illuminate one’s senses and refine the emotions of daily life. My work embodies the scenes of my everyday spaces where I contemplate and work. I work with natural fabric that I colour with natural dyes myself. I burn the edges of the fabric to create a line defining specific shapes with overlapping patches. The texture and the subtle hues of the fabric bring peace to my mind. As in the saying that the most important things in life are in the trivialities, I hope my work breathes and pulsates in presenting everyday life.
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    Mind Map - Looking for an Oasis

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    Every time one ascends the ladder to one’s ideal, one is bound to think: “Am I going well and where am I”? Memories of yesterday, the day before yesterday, and events from years ago… As time passes and memories begin to fade like photographs upon paper, with a childlike heart I take a brush to paint, reminiscing those days full of passion. Yet, painting presents irony that cannot be followed with a childlike mind; I realize it's a perspective and not a skill. It is my childlike mind that perceives reality from a different perspective that makes me look back on the path I am walking on. As in the saying, “An oasis cannot be found with the eyes, it must be found with the heart,” written in Le Petit Prince of Saint-Exupéry, I went to Morocco and Spain to find my childlike heart. My artworks have imbibed my naive feelings from there. Mind maps are drawn in the process of asking questions of happiness. Was your day happy today? Are you happy on the road you are walking now? My work starts with the question, "Are you happy today?"
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    Alpha Girl

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    Alpha (α) means the first. An alpha girl is daring and challenging. She loves herself, enjoys life, and won't tolerate unfairness and may reflect the desires of all women. The alpha girl in my work is provocative and confident like a fashion model in a magazine. Intensive feelings of an image catch people's eyes like a ray of love, like the moment when unconscious feelings arise in mind. Neither facts nor fiction, but a kind of unconsciousness is the source of my work. Based on my experience as a fashion designer, I express the human body using techniques of fashion illustrations transformed into a painting. So my work may have a simple yet elegant form resembling the brush strokes in oriental paintings. The long neck and the curvaceous body of the alpha girl in my work express the desires latent in humans.
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    Summertime Collection 2020!

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    Welcome to my Summertime Collection 2020!
    Curated by sangmipark ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    A Civilized Nature

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    I paint urban plants by combining dissimilar elements of oriental ink and colors. I like to present decorative plants that were ‘unnaturally’ introduced in urban spaces and often survive due to their resilience. Perhaps when people disappear, plants will continue to grow. Yet, the fate of a wide variety of plants in small red plastic pots that densely populate shelves is controlled by someone. This inspires me to ruminate on our urban existence. Flowerpots in the garden are not different from us who live in city apartments. Although the plants cannot grow as freely as in their natural habitats, they adapt to the urban environments. Like us (city dwellers), plants survive by adjusting to the city although being controlled by people. In my work, I pose the question of how can we bring back nature in our lives? This is the city dwellers' plaintive yearning and compassion for nature.
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