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    Relaxation: Man and Tree (休)

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    The Chinese pictograph 休 (Heu) consists of two characters: 人 (Yin) signifying a person, and 木 (Mok) signifying a tree. When combined, they signify a person leaning on a tree, which means taking a break or a rest. The spirit and material of my work come from nature. It is not we who protect nature, but nature that protects our sanctity. A tree is a material that appeals to everyone because it represents nature. By giving life to trees in my paintings, I feel that I am alive with them.
    Curated by kisooklee ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    The Life That is There

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    I project my feelings on the lines revealed in natural landscapes. A space opens where a line and a line or a point and a point meet.In my work, I create lines by tearing one or two layers of wet Korean paper covered with clay. I have always been obsessed with the freedom and change of this 'line'. I freely unite or scatter the lines to create fluid spaces, rather than forming shapes. These spaces became a field or an endless mountain, or swaying grasses in the forest. In my work there is no blank space that is not painted, but this 'space' is formed beyond specific forms.
    Curated by kangyounghi ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Feeling free - Drawing by the mind

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    My work begins only when hands are in consonance with the mind. Feelings of the moment become points, lines, or shapes freely crossing the space and the time. They move around in rhythms and the blank space embraces the momentum energy of them. The blank space is a space created by intentionally left undrawn and it is another world connected with deep and calm meditation. As my inner world expands and grows through my work, I hope someone will find in my work a window to look over the essential meaning of life.
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