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    Spiritual Home

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    This exhibition displays not my woodcut prints that I have been working on, but watercolor paintings that I try anew. In all of these works, a crude and strong black color is used, and the black shapes are drawn as if the ink is smeared, making somewhat dark and lonely feelings. Since these works were produced using images of dolmens, objects lose their original forms and become abstract which I feel is my spiritual haven.
    Curated by samaleemin ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Stroy Y 2020

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    As a youngster, I drew and painted while learning how to improve my skills. When studying printmaking in Japan dreaming to be a successful artist, I indulged myself into woodcut printing. After returning back to Korea, I developed a unique printmaking methodology called 'Pan Tableau' that combines painting and printmaking methodologies together. While trying to work as a creative artist rather than an art technician, now I paint my surroundings within which I have spent my time in the past.
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