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    Fragrance of Love

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    Women, our moms, have devoted themselves to whatever they can do to support their children and family - self-sacrifice done in love. Their incomparable spirits are millions of times more valuable than the royal artifacts depicted in my works. I am delighted indeed to symbolize the splendid royal ornaments as our moms’ belongings. The queen and the princess in my works respectively represent our moms and daughters, and the fragrance from their powder cases reminds me of moms’ unconditional love.
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    Modern Fairy Tale

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    Hats are one of the main subjects of my painting. It symbolizes modern man in the camouflage to survive in a competitive society. Or it represents a Utopian fairy tale that the artist dreams of. Innocent looking dogs, rabbits, horses, and owls make the viewer think of the perfect world where there is no worries or pretense.
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    Colors from Nature

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    Natural colors and forms cannot be properly reproduced without conforming the law of nature. So I use natural materials processed in natural ways for natural dyeing of natural fabrics. When beautiful natural colors inspire me and wake up my aesthetic consciousness, my artworks complete in specific colors and forms.
    Curated by ohmanchul ARTRIS Certified Exhibition

    Rumination - Moon Jar

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    Like in traditional Korean ink wash paintings on papers, Manchul Oh creates the effects of smudge and absorption of colors in his drawings on pottery plates. His drawings on pottery plates are not a simple combination of drawing and pottery but the harmonization of the two art genres.
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