Area 71 Dark Diva

Photography - Black & White on Paper

40.0 W X 20.0 H X 2.0 D in
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Description by Artist

  • DescriptionDo you think it's easy to get access to one of these planes? The venerable SR71 Blackbird, all the surviving ones being safely guarded in museums? Not so much. But if you recognize and love this plane as I do, you'll want this shot hanging on your wall. It is my homage, a form of nose art for a plane whose time came after that illustrative era but has sex appeal brimming over and in need of temperance at the hands of a beautiful leading lady. The Blackbird's unique "poison dart" appearance helped make it fast enough to outrun enemy missiles, flying at over three times the speed of sound some 15 miles in the sky. The titanium used to build this plane and help it sustain the outrageous pressures and heat during operation was surreptitiously purchased from Russia, the country it was largely used to spy on. My personal limited edition (50 run) artworks are printed on archival metallic paper bonded to clear acrylic (refer to second image above). The effect produces an unrivaled depth with a luminous, iridescent finish. These limited editions are generally larger than the largest available reproduction print so take strong ownership of the space given to it. Each arrives individually signed, accompanied by certificate of authenticity, and ready to hang. Shipping cost is a high estimate. Specific shipping dependent on distance from Dallas, Tx, USA.
  • Keywordssr71, blackbird, titanium, lockheed, USAF, aircraft, aviation, airplane, supersonic, jet
  • CategoryPhotography
  • MediumBlack & White on Paper
  • StyleFine Art
  • SubjectFashion
  • Year of Creation2018


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