Mixed Media - Other Medium on Canvas
minjeongmoon SOUTH KOREA

21.7 W X 25.0 H X 2.0 D in
Frame Included
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Description by Artist

  • DescriptionThe contemporaries live with the aim of occupying vacancy and concern about vacancy. They aren’t content where they are wander about searching for a better or another place. Also, they have lived with uneasiness that my position may be a vacancy someday. This vacancy series tells positive and negative sides, and full and empty ironies about the vacancy. It looks like an empty space. But perhaps there may be something entwined on the hidden side, filled with greed and authority. In my work that I will show you, I’m going to suggest to make their own place through the process of emptying and filling, growing bit by bit.
  • Keywordsvacancy, minjeongmoon, abalone, collage, crown, tessol, artcollaboration
  • CategoryMixed Media
  • MediumOther Medium on Canvas
  • StyleFine Art
  • SubjectStill Life
  • Year of Creation2020


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